TCG initially expanded to the Gauteng area with offices in Fourways. Within a few months, we decided to relocate our offices to the Centurion area.

Why Centurion? The market is brisk for on-site support of computers and associated infrastructure. The sheer volume of companies positioning themselves around the suburbs of Centurion became appealing. Coupled with the proximity to supply chain for spares and computer components, as well as the excellent levels of support we were able to provide clients on our doorstep -the decision was made.


For years we've made our home at the offices in Estcourt Avenue and have been centrally located as an IT Support provider to the area. Natascha has received critical acclaim via Hirsch Small Business awards and similar notable achievements. As a result of lockdown restrictions and having to evolve the business to meet a new normal, we have moved from our Estcourt Avenue offices in Centurion and currently locate our IT Support office from a remote office nearby.

As the new normal evolves, companies will become more dependent on IT Support and of course, the Centurion area is no exception. The Computer Guyz will always be on hand for all SME requirements including assisting clients with transitioning to work from home, office restructuring and IT restructure for an online world.

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There was once, in that prehistoric era a lean mean browsing machine called Chrome. People loved the fact that it was fast and so constructed. Everything that Chrome did was thoughtfully constructed! Chrome was the kid on the block when it came to “The new York times” as they put it. Fast and very snappy to use, the first great thing to come about in a long time.

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Fast-forward to today and well I am sure as you all know, it’s grown considerably less lithe. Some say it’s still great and others say it’s slow, bloated and not so secure. However Chrome still remains a “Todays” web browser. 

We have come up with 6 steps that you can follow in you feel that Chrome has become a bit tired.

  1. 1. Clean up your apps.

Click the apps list icon in the launcher at the bottom of the screen, find your app in the list and then do a right click (Its an icon), we then want you to remove all that you need removed from selecting the “Remove from Chrome” Button.

  1. 2. Step up your tab managements

Go to the manager tools screen and then click “Setting Tab Management” Scroll down to the “add a tab section” and then all you need to do is fill in each of the fields for the new service category tab you want to add.

  1. 3. Add your mobile browser on a data diet

There is this handy hidden option that routes slow-loading pages through googles servers, this will make is simplify the code and make it quicker to open. This is called “Lite Mode” you want to put that on!

  1. 4. Change to a better DNS provider

And yes! It is safe to do this. You would need to go to the control panel, change adapter settings, select the connection for which you want to configure google public DNS. You then need to select the networking tab. Click advanced and select the DNS tab. Click OK. Change your IP, restart the connection, test your setup and then repeat the procedure for the additional network connections you want to change.

  1. 5. Clean up your computer

Always remember to clean up your computer, if all the above fails and still nothing works. Give your computer and nice fresh clean. We will normally start with you “Cookies”

  1. 6. Give yourself a hand!

If you have managed to follow all of the steps and all has finally worked out! Then you can sit back and enjoy the fresh, faster chrome.

Always remember to call or go and see your nearest IT Company for help 1st! For example "The computer guyz" we are in Cape Town & Centurion. 

Give us a call on 021 110 0422 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.