Key points on XLPoint

Target customers:

  • - Restaurants
  • - Fast food outlets (take aways)
  • - Nightclubs and bars
  • - Butchers
  • - Clothing stores
  • - Footwear Shops
  • - Delis
  • - Supermarkets
  • - B&B’s – integration with Hotelier
  • - Hotels– integration with Hotelier
  • - Franchises
  • - Memberships Clubs
  • - Cashless system for Canteens and Schools
  • - Bottle stores


Key Points for dealers

  • Simple to install
  • - There is a single installation file that is run on the computer which configures the system and database.
  • Simple to update
  • - A single update file is run which updates the current system, and it can be run at any time.
  • - Networking is by means of a sharing a folder and then pointing XLPOINT to that folder over the network. No mapped drives.
  • - XLPOINT uses Access databases, which are continually backed up. Moving data from one computer to another is as simple as copying a file.
  • - There is no server to setup and no ports to open.
  • - XLPOINT operates on the same principle as a cash register. Each machine stores its own data but is summarized when a report is run from a different terminal.
  • - No Point of Sale data or Backoffice data is written or read over the network. Files are copied from a machine to the machine running the report, and then uploaded. This minimizes any potential of database corruption (If the file is corrupted in the copy process then it is just copied again).
  • - Sales data on the POS machines can be set to backup to a memory stick
  • - XLPOINT can print to Windows and OPOS drivers.
  • - XLPOINT will run on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and later with 1GB RAM, and a 10” Windows tablet
  • - Not reliant on an internet connection to operate.
  • - In a multi computer configuration, the Point of sale machines can be setup to run over a WIFI network. The back office machine can also communicate with the point of sale over WIFI.
    However, a network cable is recommended for back office machines that communicate with each other. In this instance a single machine will act as the Master terminal and all other PC’s will reference it.
  • - Third party integration
  • - Minimal training time is required.
  • - Support – All remote support can be done from our office thereby freeing up your staff
  • - Place your logo in the software


5 KeyPoints for customers

  • Simple design makes data capturing quick and easy
  • - Importance is placed on having you (the business owner) manage your business rather than spend huge amounts of time behind software. XLPOINT’s design has always been in collaboration with our customers to increase productivity, allowing them to add or edit products as quickly as possible, and to make it easier to train new staff members to use the system.
  • - You will find yourself saving a substantial amount of time using XLPOINT.
  • Practical and Easy to use stock system
  • - The format of the stock management system has been a practical design that has come from our customers and we have simply automated it.
  • Constantly evolving and improving
  • - Your business requirements are always changing, so we are regularly adding in new features that will help in the running of your business and ensuring that all your financial areas are covered.
  • Value for money
  • - There are many POS packages on the market but nothing matches what XLPOINT has to offer you in saving you time and money.
  • Any Business
  • - XLPOINT is not only focused on small businesses. It has been developed so that it can grow with you. XLPOINT can be used in a small “Corner café” to large Supermarkets; a small coffee shop to a Fine Dining restaurant.



XLPoint Production

Cloud ConnectionBilled Per Month***
Backup only 95.00 Saves all data to the cloud
Remote Access 250.00 Includes a 1 free extra backoffice module for remote software maintenance
Takealot connection 250.00 There is an initial setup cost
Customized DevelopmentBilled Per Month***
Billed Per Hour 450.00 There are payment stages during the course of the development
Initial Setup CostsOnce Off Cost***
Takealot 1500.00 Might vary depending on the quantity of items
Hotelier 1500.00  
SupportBilled Per Month***
Billed per machine using XLPOINT 125.00 Required if the software is purchased outright. Rental includes support. Also includes software updates
Other ServicesOnce Off Cost***
Billed per hour 450.00 A travel cost needs to be included
Travel Costs 5.00 per kilometer travelled from our office there and back
Installation on site 1 950.00 Per day